The Creative Package

Creativity and Self-expression ebook plus 7 painting demostration on video for only 40 euros ($54).

creative package

Great Package for Artists and Educators

As an Artists you will see demostration of 7 processes explained step by step with insights on composition, color and goals. My method might help you to become more creative, lose your fears of doing something wrong and to create an extraordinary artwork.

As an art educator you could use the demostrations in your class to explain your students how the creative processes work. This exercises usually are very succsesfull and students gain confidence very easy. Besides with the e-book you will have examples to show in class and an explanations on how to teach the processes.

It always works. Very positive results

As instructor you'll have fun making your students paint like robots, or asking to become conductors or to invent a new object. You will witness how their creative potential emerge and flourish simply teaching them to enjoy the process. Your students will be surprised what they can do. These exercises will teach not only how to paint or draw, but to express themselves visually. You could combine different exercises together, creating one for your special needs.

Learn other creative processes

If you are an artist, try these experimental techniques. They can help you improve your style, generate ideas and break new ground to create something very personal and unique.

I invite you to look inside the book!